Thinking about buying or renting a pontoon boat? You’ve likely seen them everywhere. Just from that, it’s easy to believe that pontoon boats are reliable and capable. In actuality, they’re more complicated than that.

You should evaluate your alternatives if you’re planning on getting one of these vessels. Although we love these boats, we can’t recommend them to you until we discuss all the pros and cons of these kinds of boats come with. After all, even the highest rated pontoon boats have flaws.

So, let’s have a look at all the reasons why you should or should not get a pontoon boat.

The Upsides

Let’s focus on the positives first. There’s a lot of reasons why you should consider buying a pontoon boat. What are they?

Sound Financial Investment

These boats depreciate slowly. They are incredibly rigid and long-lasting. They are easy to buy and resell due to how slow they depreciate. This makes them both affordable and risks free.

The risk-free aspect comes from the fact that once you buy this type of boat, you can sell them for a little less than the buying price. So, you’ll hardly make a loss if you need to sell it at a later time.

This is further boosted by its high demand. Even today, people love to get their hands on these vessels; used or new. You can be sure that the demand isn’t going anywhere; making this an excellent financial choice.


Are you prone to motion sickness? We are happy to report that these boats offer excellent stability to take your motion sickness down to a minimum. Its design keeps it still and stable during regular conditions. You won’t get that jarring feeling from strong waves.

Instead, you’ll get a slow and smooth ride. Although that might not appeal to thrill-seekers, it’s a superb option for those who want a safe and healthy travel option.

The stability also allows it to stand strong against tougher conditions as well. Your boat will be hardly likely to tip over by strong waves or other forces. As such, it gives you the added benefit of safety as well.

Suitable for the Entire Family

Pontoon boats are practically the perfect affordable family boat. They aren’t big, but they’re big enough to fit your family perfectly. At the same time, they aren’t filled with numerous features, but they have several qualities that suit family use.

You’ll see families taking trips on these boats a lot. They offer the space you’d need to fit everyone. They also offer a serene and steady tide for the whole family. The aforementioned stability also makes it ideal.

However, the most important aspect that makes it good for a family is just how cheap it is compared to other alternatives.

Versatile and Economic

Pontoon boats are useful for all kinds of purposes. They are great for family trips like we mentioned before, fishing trips, tubing trips or just a relaxing trip across your local lake. It’s suitable for all of that and even more.

Unless you’re pining for speed, these boats should have you covered for whatever purpose you need it for.

Its versatility is increased through its low maintenance costs. You won’t find yourself taking it to the repair shop all that often. It won’t ask you to spend too much time with maintenance procedures either.

The vessel is easy to keep and easier to work with. It even demands less fuel; saving you from having to buy more in an age of increasing fuel prices.

Storage Space

The reason why this type of boat is so popular for trips is due to its high storage capacity. Other boats tend to lack this feature, making them less ideal. Pontoon boats offer you plenty of space to stuff your belongings. This is extremely useful for fishing trips as well. You’ll have ample space to store your big catches.

Consequently, it’s the go-to option for fishermen. It’s also optimal for transporting your goods along a lake. As such, pontoon boats are highly recommended by a vast number of people.

The Downsides

Despite the pros, there have to be some cons. So, let’s examine what makes these types of vessels unsuitable for your dock.

They are Slow

You won’t ever see anyone pick a pontoon boat for a race. Even with powerful engines, these boats remain quite slow. That’s great for those who want a leisurely cruise. However, thrill seekers will get bored fast. At the same time, if you’re looking for a boat to transport yourself fast, then it simply isn’t for you.

Right now, most of these boats travel at about 28 – 35 miles per hour. Although newer models are beginning to pick up more speed, they still aren’t that suitable for travelling through large lakes.

Not Suitable for Storms

We’ve mentioned that these types of crafts are very stable. In normal conditions, they are famous for keeping things still and wobble-free. Even when the weather gets bad, they are still capable of keeping you stable. However, it has a limit.

Once a storm kicks in, and the waves get crazy, you can’t rely on a pontoon boat much. For scenarios like these, you’ll need boats with V-shaped hulls that can cut through the water and travel fast. However, the design of pontoons makes them weak against strong waves and other powerful disasters.

Not smooth to Handle

You don’t feel like you’re in control when you’re piloting your ship. It doesn’t feel responsive as it should. Instead, you feel like something is pulling the boat. This cuts your connection to the cruise and makes you feel like you aren’t really driving it.

This can make it hard for you to navigate through narrow paths. So, if you were looking to make sharp turns and navigate through narrow channels, then you might want to reconsider a pontoon boat.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot to love about pontoon boats, but they aren’t perfect. However, they are still spectacular vessels that deserve your recommendation.

So, consider all the ups and downs before you finally choose to get one of these boats. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you make the right choice. Happy Sailing!