We’re live on air


Well, here we are.

There’s no more secrets, no more updates, no more ponderings on the process or reflections on writing.

My book, Through a Sparkling Glass, An A-Z of the Wonderland of Wine, is now available.

For more information about where to buy it, please go here.

To read what others have said about it, go here.

Thanks for reading.

Through A Sparkling Glass_Cover_Lo Res

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3 Responses to We’re live on air

  1. bill says:

    Well, it’s the book versus the Masters on tv, and at this stage the book is winning hands down.
    ( Of course, it is only the second round!)
    Fantastic, Frostie – but then I always knew it would be.
    See you Wednesday.

  2. Dan Sims says:

    I may be only up to the letter ‘G’, but I am already loving it. So many well deserved reviews on a book that ALL should read. (and available on Kindle – yes, I have two copies)

    Such a refreshing, and much needed, approach to wine and one in which I hope all read, take note of and remember why we love this drink in the first place.

    Massive congratulations Frosty. You.Are.A.Star.

  3. Lucy Salt says:

    Congratulations Andrea, I’m so looking forward to reading this. And hooray – you launched it with plenty of time to make the Christmas 2013 gift list (I have never been so organised). You must be drunk on good stuff right now!

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