Through A Sparkling Glass

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Earnest Hemingway said there was nothing to writing: “All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

With my book at the printer and no more tweaks or ‘one more anythings’ to add, I tend to agree with Hemingway, as sharp as the phrase may sound.

I’ll also admit a small part of me is using the quote as a note for my absenteeism, you know, “Please excuse Andrea for not being here while she wrote her book but it was hard. See? Everyone says so.”

Over the past six or so months, people often asked how the book was coming along. I always said it was coming along fine, just fine thanks. But the truth was it didn’t always feel fine. Not necessarily bad either. I just didn’t really know how to explain it.

Upon reflection, writing the book reminded me of a freight train speeding along the tracks with a caboose full of chaos. All the while, the train kept chug chug chugging the muddle of ideas, words and stories closer to its destination. It was both thrilling and terrifying. Nearer to the end than the beginning, chaos morphed into order, mess into sense, and then, almost on time, the train pulled in to the station, the door slid open and inside was a book.

Perhaps that’s how winemakers feel every vintage – jumping on board with all the component pieces, knowing the end point is a bottle of wine, and then moving a big, wet, crushed, weather-affected madness toward its glorious end.

Now safely at the printers I thought I’d share some details, like the name: Through A Sparkling Glass – An A-Z of the Wonderland of Wine. It’s more of a gentle wander and wonder through wine than a definitive guide.

I’ve also been writing my delicious. column, regularly for The Melbourne Review and occasionally for Wine Companion magazine.

Now I’m off to New Zealand to visit the Marlborough region, attend the Pinot Noir 2013 conference and then, when that’s done, throw off the wine hat and take a turn about the Southern Alps.

Oh and here’s the cover. I hope you like it … fine, just fine.


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18 Responses to Through A Sparkling Glass

  1. Toni Carlino says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Such a wonderfully honest expression of what it is really like to create an incredible read. I am so glad it is at the printers as I cant wait to get my hands on a copy.


  2. Dan Sims says:

    So much excitement for you Frosty. So much! I can not wait to read it as I know it will be brilliant.

    Yours voice a refreshing, enlightened and welcome addition to this strange world of wine. And I welcome it!


  3. Winsor Dobbin says:

    Looking forward to reading the work of one of most erudite wordsmiths covering wine.

  4. Leo Ferrando says:

    Congratulations, Andrea !
    Glad to know that the writing labour pains are over, the new born book is ready to tell us your wine stories.
    The ‘caboose’ analogy never expressed better the decanting of ideas in front of the scaring white page. A pleasure to read such feelings, generously shared with us as always.
    Can’t wait to hear your book!

    • admin says:

      Thank-you Leo. Very pleasing to read you enjoyed the analogy. I hope you enjoy the book just as much … actually, a bit more. Cheers, Andrea.

  5. Ben Hosie says:

    Fantastic news Andrea! Like all your work, this is bound to be a refreshing read. Can’t wait to get hold of a copy.

  6. Adam Cash says:

    Congrats Andrea!
    We look forward to reading your book – I know it will be amazing

  7. Angie Bradbury says:

    Ah Frosty, the “caboose full of chaos” line is a pearler and such an apt analogy for many parts of life.

    There is always a sense of expectation with your writing that is growing bigger by the minute for your book.

    Much love, Ange

  8. admin says:

    Thank-you all for the lovely and generous comments. They are always very much and deeply appreciated. Oh, and as a few have asked; it will be published by Hardie Grant, April 2nd. You’ll find me at the bar. X

  9. Daniel Kogler says:

    I’m standing at the front of the queue busting to get my hands on it! Well done Frosty.

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